How To Choose The Best Showerhead

If you have been renovating your bathroom, chances are that a new showerhead is on the list of things to get. However, while picking tile or furnishings for your new bathroom may have been fun and easy, choosing a new showerhead can be a little bit more tricky.

With so many options for personalizing your shower experience, how does a homeowner choose the right showerhead to meet their needs? The answer to that question depends on a few things, including:

·    Bathroom Design Style

·    Local Water Conservation Regulations

·    Desired Pressure & Spray

If you are not sure what showerhead is suitable for your bathroom, consider the following information to help you choose the best showerhead.


Choosing the type of showerhead you want in your bathroom is relatively easy as there are only 12 types. The three most popular varieties include:

·    Hand-Held — Adjustable and perfect for those with physical disabilities and children.

·    Wall Mounted Single Head – High pressure and fixed position.

·    Waterfall Or “Rain” – Stylish design aesthetic perfect for tall individuals.

Once a homeowner chooses the type of showerhead they want, it’s time to consider a design style.


The majority of showerheads are made of metal, solid brass, or chrome-finished plastic.

Homeowners working on a new shower installation should consider a finishing on their showerhead that matches their unique bathroom design style. Popular showerhead finishes include:

·    White & Off-White Finishing

·    Oil Rubbed Brass

·    Brushed Or Polished Nickel & Copper

Installation vs. DIY

Fortunately for homeowners, all showerheads are designed with universal threads in the US, making them an easy DIY project for any homeowner.

However, more complicated panel shower designs or custom showerheads may require a professional home renovation service to perform alterations to plumbing and bathroom layouts to accommodate new or multiple showerheads.