Staying Away From Electrical Shocks

It is very important that you stay away from electrical shocks.  When we have electricity flowing it can cause a lot of damage and even kill people.  When talking to electrical contractors in Evanston IL we learned that many people are getting electrocuted by doing everyday tasks that could be avoided.  Here are a few things that they suggest keeping people safe.

Don’t pull on plugs

We have all done it and I am as guilty as everyone else.  When we plug in a device and the plug is just too tight or tight enough that it is hard to pull out the plug.  So, what do we do, we grab it by the cord and start to pull.  This is not good.  When you pull on the cord you are putting stress on the pins, on the wires and more.  What you want to do is ensure that no electricity is going to that outlet and carefully pull on the base of the plug.  Gently rock it back and forth as you pull to help break the seal.  Just make sure you are not pulling too hard in any one direction. 

Don’t use frayed or cut cords

If you see a cord that has any fraying, is cut or any wires are exposed then you want to cease using it.  Many people will try to fix it by wrapping it up in electrical tape but again this is not a good thing to do.  You want to replace the cords all together or toss the device.  When you have exposed wires you can get hurt and you can start a fire.

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Stay away from liquids

Oddly enough most people get shocked in the kitchen. The reason for this is that they are around water and liquids that could cause damage.  While the kitchen outlets have GFI outlets, these are outlets that trip preventing power from going through, you can still encounter problems plugging and unplugging devices.